Consequences and Solutions for Families and Professionals

The breakdown of civility has significant consequences for our relationships. Conflict resolution frequently stalls, because a lack of civility negatively impacts our ability to discuss and resolve problems. How do we reverse this trend and create a more effective approach to communicating with each other and among ourselves? This is important not only for the families we encounter in our practices and courts, but also impacts the work we do as mental health professionals, lawyers, bench officers, mediators, and court administrators. An understanding of the complex stressors faced by families, children, and custody professionals will create a basis for more thoughtful and effective interactions.

The annual AFCC California Chapter Conference provides an opportunity for us to learn from an impressive array of mental health and legal professionals, including many nationally known academics, researchers, and innovators.

The 2019 Conference will explore the causes of the breakdown of civility and seek solutions for the families in crisis as a result of the break-up of a marriage, custody disputes, domestic violence and similar problems. Our annual conferences are well known as a premier forum for professionals from different disciplines to meet, share ideas and ask questions that push us forward in our interdisciplinary efforts.

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