Interdisciplinary Approaches to Creating Connection, Compassion and Calm in Family Law

Our work in the field of family law, whether as judges, mental health professionals, attorneys, social workers, mediators or family court services providers, is full of difficult conversations: with colleagues, with the courts, with our clients, with ourselves. Moreover, and more importantly, the people we work with, who we see every day, who we help navigate this tricky terrain, are having difficult conversations with their spouses, partners, children, families, therapists, social workers, doctors, judges, attorneys and others. Perhaps most importantly, they and we are NOT having the sorts of conversations, difficult though they may be, that are necessary to facilitate healthy outcomes. We must find a way to have these conversations or we are doing a disservice to the families we serve. So how can we navigate these turbulent seas?

Our aim at this annual conference of the AFCC California Chapter is to explore the power of difficult conversations and how they can help create and strengthen relationships, even at their legal end. Difficult conversations can also lead to more empathy in our practices, in our client’s cases, and in their lives going forward. Finally, though uncomfortable or charged, difficult conversations can initiate greater clarity and peace of mind in ourselves and those with whom we work.

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