CALL FOR PRESENTERS: "Aren't We All In This Together?

The Importance of Early Intervention to Reach All Children and Families in Family Court Cases"

We are accepting proposals for 1 1/2 and 2 hour Workshops and 4 hour InstitutesDeadline extended to Friday, 8/6/2021.

There is growing concern among stakeholders in the family law community that many children and families, particularly those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and marginalized communities, do not have access to and/or utilize the psycho-legal services needed to help them heal and move forward. Getting in early before positions harden is a critical step. Unfortunately, many children and families remain embroiled in conflict and vulnerable to toxic stress associated with litigating in family court. Families with ample resources can provide cushion but not necessarily protection from toxicity. To make matters even more complex and severe, children and families, as well as family law professionals, continue to be confronted with unique challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever, what we need is an exchange of ideas. We, as family law professionals, need to be open to new approaches to reach those families in distress. We need to learn about and adopt practical interventions and solutions that others may have found to be effective in their local communities. Additionally, we need to engage in an ongoing discussion about the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, about those children and families left behind during the pandemic, and about what we as professionals can do to prevent such a crisis within a crisis in the future.

The aim of the current conference is multifold:

  1. To educate and guide each other about early intervention models that have been effective in local communities;
  2. To squarely address the inequities of a two-tiered system to reach and better serve all children and families;
  3. To continue the work of identifying and addressing bias in our personal and professional lives and the systems in which we work;
  4. To integrate what we’ve learned from COVID-19 to improve the practice of family law going forward.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Local models to case resolution
  • Two-tiered justice and ideas for closing the gap
  • Planning for the next pandemic
  • Benefits of pro bono work
  • Cultural formulations in child custody evaluations
  • Updates and best practices in family law cases involving a parental relocation
  • Virtual parent child relationships post parental relocation judicial decisions
  • Best practices in reducing cultural bias for family law professionals
  • Updates in Intimate partner violence assessment and interventions
  • Collaboration and dialogue between private and public family court involved professionals
  • Updates and best practices in substance use assessments for in family law cases
  • What’s new in psychological testing in child custody evaluations
  • The risks and benefits of using technology to work with children and families post COVID-19
  • Evidence based and evidence informed psychotherapy treatment models
  • Parenting plans for ‘special needs’ children and their families
  • Best practices in working with ‘non-traditional’ families

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