What Do You Do When You Haven't Got a Clue – Innovative Ideas and Solutions for New and Old Problems

Has it occurred to you that these “turbulent times” now seem to be the new “normal”? The practice of family law has historically been challenging for members of the judiciary, attorneys, and mental health professions. Adding to a COVID pandemic that just won’t go away are strains on families resulting from rapid increases in the costs of living and economic uncertainty, persistent political and racial turmoil, vast changes in our climate and an increasingly polarized red and blue nation. These factors have compounded the difficulties we face as family law professionals.

Sixty years and counting with AFCC we face many of the same and recurring problems we faced at our founding while facing new challenges brought on by the complexities of new family structures, gender identity, sexual orientation, increasingly nuanced and expanded definitions of domestic violence, and uncertain changes in the right to control our bodies and obtain appropriate health care, among other issues. Our children, families and friends face these increasingly complex problems with fewer and more expensive resources available to help. What new ideas and approaches can we discuss, explore and apply to the problems we all now face? We are called to be collaborative and creative in our efforts to improve the lives of families, children and communities.

Please note that Institute One has been canceled.

If your organization is interested in being an Exhibitor at the conference, contact our Executive Director for more information.  (There is limited Exhibitor space, so act quickly.)

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  • Tammi Axelson

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  • Gitu Bhatia

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