Dear AFCC members and friends,

For 57 years AFCC California has endeavored to bring our members and the mental health and family law communities the very best in continuing education through our annual February Conference.  Our reputation for excellence in our conferences and the opportunities we have created for our members, colleagues and friends to gather and to renew old friendships and connections and to make new connections professionally and personally year after year has been unmatched.  We have taken great pride in our efforts and satisfaction in our ability to collectively improve the lives of families and children.  In working to present our annual AFCC California Conference we will never be satisfied putting on any program that does not reflect our very best efforts and that delivers the most current and important thinking and stimulating discussions.  That said, it is with great regret and some sadness that we have determined that AFCC California will not be presenting the annual California Conference in 2021.  The many difficulties that 2020 visited on all of us also greatly compromised AFCC California’s work.  In 2021 we will be exploring opportunities to bring you a variety of webinars and other presentations.  We intend to return to San Francisco in 2022 and to bring you the best AFCC Conference yet.  We are thankful for your support for AFCC California and our mission over these many years.  We look forward to continuing our work and to seeing you all in San Francisco in 2022.

Mike Kretzmer
2021 Conference Chair

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