December 7, 2022 Intersection of Criminal, Dependency and Family Law Webinar Registration

The Intersection of Criminal, Dependency and Family Law – a Round Table Discussion on Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Sexual Assault Cases

Presented by Robin Sax, JD and LCSW and Jaclyn Nelson, Dependency/Child Welfare Lawyer

Family lawyers routinely handle child-related issues that cross over into child welfare (dependency) and criminal investigations.  While topics such as parenting time, decision-making responsibilities, and child support are part of the typical family law practice.  However, family lawyers are often faced with complex issues that creep into family law cases — abuse allegations, substance use and abuse, interpersonal violence, stalking, harassment and disturbing the peace.  These issues often have implications and parallel investigations that need the perspective of a dependency lawyer and criminal lawyer.  Family lawyers must understand such issues to properly advise clients and need to know when the back up of other professionals is needed.  We are your multi-disciplinary team that will address how to identify crossover and potential crossover cases, get tips on how to stay AHEAD of these types of cases and allegations, strategies for deescalating scrutiny of investigation agencies (CPS/DCFS/Police), and learn investigative techniques and strategies and a multi-disciplinary team approach that can help their clients.  The ultimate goal of this webinar is to have the audience gain a better understanding of the nuances, pitfalls and problems when one set of facts lands you in three different courts and systems.


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