Yishai Boyarin

Yishai Boyarin graduated from Berkeley Law School in 2004. He joined the Los Angeles office of the international firm Orrick as a litigation associate. After moving to New York in 2007, Mr. Boyarin chose to specialize in family law. He received an LL.M. in Family Law and ADR processes at the Hofstra School of Law. He served as a clinical professor at Hofstra, where he directed the Mediation Clinic and taught family law-focused ADR courses until his return to California with his family in 2014, when he focused on the practice of family law as an attorney.

Mr. Boyarin is currently Senior Counsel at Ford Family Law APC, located in Oakland CA.  He views litigation as sometimes necessary but he emphasizes the selection of the appropriate resolution process and resolving conflicts efficiently and creatively before proceeding to court whenever possible, especially where children are involved.