Discussion of the importance of understanding the nuances and usage of emoji in domestic violence matters and family law matters involving child custody disputes.  Examining the use of electronic data as evidence, the reliance on said evidence by mental health experts, and the presentation of such evidence and issues in Family Court, diversity issues and the relevance of emoji in the social framework of family law matters.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to:

  • Compare the various uses of emoji that may comprise evidence in DVPA and child custody matters.
  • Explain the implications of various emoji usage by a mental health professional and family law judicial officer when determining whether the offered evidence constitutes harassment or disturbing the peace rising to the level of conduct warranting the issuance of a restraining order that may impact legal or physical custody.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and appreciate the historical, technical and diversity issues of emoji and the impact of these aspects of communication in a family law matter.