The prevalence of firearms in our communities and the role they play in mass casualties, suicide, and domestic violence has become too familiar to us in California and nationally.  Often, the role the criminal justice system plays is emphasized, however, there are opportunities for prevention in the family court and with court-connected professionals. Jurisdictions throughout California are implementing procedures to more effectively address this issue that can otherwise put families at risk. Faculty will provide information on the legal and social realities of gun violence currently and offer an overview of the role family law professionals can play in preventing gun violence. We will cover legal remedies and issues relevant to courts and professionals, such as the Gun Violence Restraining Order, W&I Code Section 5150 and civil domestic violence prohibitions, and requirements around confidentiality and duty to warn.

Studies, screening approaches, and materials to share with clients will be provided.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to describe the legal and social context around gun violence as it implicates family law professionals
  • Participants will be able to prepare to work more effectively with families who may be concerned about danger to themselves or others where guns are accessible
  • Participants will be able to analyze when and how to act to handle dangerous situations and improve processes and outcomes for families in conflict