Robin Sax

Robin Sax is an attorney and clinical therapist who specializes in cases and causes at the intersection of mental health and law with a focus on issues pertaining to children and families.  Ms. Sax’s niche is in cases where criminal law meets family law and may or may not include dependency court. She is a former Los Angeles County and Riverside County Deputy District Attorney who focused on prosecuting sex crimes against children and domestic violence. While working with law enforcement, victims’ advocates, social workers, and members of the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, she investigated and prosecuted hundreds of child sexual assault cases.   Ms. Sax currently is a mental health therapist and ACT coordinator for the Violence Intervention Program at LAC + USC.   As one of the prosecuting attorneys for the Child Sexual Assault division of the Los Angeles County Sex Crimes Unit, Robin worked with a multi-disciplinary team at UCLA’s Rape Treatment Center/The Stuart House.  Ms. Sax has conducted hundreds of forensic interviews for and currently provides forensic interviewing for the LAPD’s Family Justice Center at LAC + USC.  For over a twenty years Ms. Sax has been an in-demand public speaker and trainer on the topics of child sexual assault, family violence, domestic abuse, stalking, Internet safety, and the criminal justice system. She also regularly shares her valuable insight and expertise with members of the FBI, Los Angeles Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, and the California District Attorney’s Association. Ms Sax is the author of five books.