Effectively Managing the Adversarial Process Without Acrimony

Online registration is now closed.  If you wish to attend the conference we can register you when you arrive.

It is broadly recognized that civility has been eroding in our courts, as well as in society at large. The practice of family law can be a particularly volatile area, which continues to present unique challenges for judges, attorneys, and mental health professionals. Social media and the anonymity of the internet have only increased these challenges. Working in the adversarial family law system can bring out the worst not only in the litigants but in the professionals with whom they interact. Adding to a COVID pandemic that just won’t go away are strains on families resulting from rapid increases in the costs of living and economic uncertainty, persistent political and racial turmoil, vast changes in our climate and an increasingly polarized red and blue nation. These factors have compounded the difficulties we face as family law and mental health professionals.

Please note that Workshop Five has changed.  It is still a domestic violence session, but is now entitled “A Psychologist, a Lawyer and a Judge Walk into a … :  A Candid Discussion About Current Issues in Domestic Violence”
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