This plenary will discuss how the ruling in People v. Sanchez has affected the handling of child custody cases from the perspective of the bench, the bar and mental health professionals.  The panel will discuss ruling in Sanchez, the differing applications of Sanchez throughout the state, how custody evaluators are performing their evaluations in a Post-Sanchez world, the tactics and procedures attorneys are engaging in regarding the appointment of a custody evaluator and the admissibility of custody evaluations or CCRC reports and how judicial officers are handling applications for custody evaluations and Sanchez objections, particularly as it relates to children’s testimony.

Learning Objectives:

This plenary is designed to:

  • Describe and define the ruling in People v. Sanchez (2016) and its application to family law custody proceedings.
  • Discuss the ways in which custody evaluators are conducting evaluations post Sanchez and the tasks the evaluators need to perform to comply with the AFCC guidelines and the ruling in Sanchez.
  • Provide a strategy for attorneys to seek an order for a custody evaluation that will result in an admissible custody report in a trial.