Since AFCC was started in 1963 here in California a lot has changed about the way we look at child custody. From “tender years doctrine” and criminalization of homosexuality to a prohibition of gender preference in child custody cases and marriage equality, the landscape of California family law has changed dramatically. The ethnic, religious and gender makeup of the bench and bar has changed over time in ways that make family courts look very different than they did in 1963. Four experienced family law bench officers from around the state will address some of the changes which have occurred in their time as members of the bench and bar, their thoughts on those changes, and where they see things going in the years ahead.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will learn what has changed in California family law in the recent past and be able to respond to the impact of those changes on families going forward.
  • Attendees will learn what changes have occurred within the court system and society which have impacted the practice of family law and the family law courts.
  • Attendees will gain insight from the panelists about the future of California family law, and why the bench officers believe this to be the case, in order to enhance their own ability to affect this future.