The Mentorship Outreach Committee of AFCC California (MOC) is a committee of AFCC-CA Board members from varying geographic areas of California working to develop outreach methods for the recruitment of a new generation of well-trained mental health professionals (MHPs) to work in the various family law communities, and with the Courts, in every county in California eventually. The Committee is doing this by setting up new local MOCs in the geographic areas, sponsoring trainings and seminars to educate these MHPs on the need for and benefits of joining the family law community and to develop effective practices for the mentorship of these new professionals to ease their way and assist their professional development in our field.

The MOC has recently reached out to chapter member custody evaluators and asked if they want to be on a centralized List of MHPs who perform child custody evaluations (and BFAs).  The List (which will list all evaluators by name and counties in which they practice) will soon be published and distributed to AFCC-CA members, and eventually others in the California family law community.

Finally, a subcommittee has worked for a year on redefining a requirement for MHPs who seek to qualify to conduct CCEs per ROC 5.225 (g) and FL-326.  We have developed a checklist to define the phrase “materially assist” (a new evaluator must materially assist on four evaluations in three years before they can work on their own).  This checklist is being distributed to evaluators who currently do this mentoring work and to potential mentors as we seek to expand the availability of mentors.