• When Can the Baby Spend the Night?

    Presenters: Mindy Mitnick,Ed.M., MA

    Plenary One

  • Israel’s Recent Family Law Reforms – Leading the Way in Meeting the Needs of Children and Families in Conflict

    Presenters: Terri Breer,JD,Galit Sneh Lurie,Lawyer (Israel)

    Workshop Two

  • Giving Voice to the Preverbal: The Importance of an Individuated, Culturally Competent Approach When Intervening with Babies, Toddlers and their Families

    Presenters: Deborah Wald,JD, CFLS,Alicia Lieberman,Ph.D.,Robin Silverman,JD, Ph.D.,Roger Chan,Judge

    Workshop Six

  • Substance Use & Use Disorders: Addressing Complex Issues in Family Law

    Presenters: Robert Kaufman,Ph.D., ABPP,David Kan,MD,Renee Ross,JD, CFLS, CALS, IAFL

    Institute Two

  • Models of Early Intervention Currently Being Used On The East and West Coasts

    Presenters: Shawn McCall,Psy.D., JD,Anne Spearman,LPC

    Workshop One

  • Coercive Control: An Assault on the Family From All Angles (DV)

    Presenters: Diane Wasznicky,JD, CFLS,Emberly Cross,JD, MSW,James Bertoli,Judge,Susan Rempel,Ph.D.

    Plenary Two

  • Before Too Much Damage is Done: Creative Approaches to Early Intervention

    Presenters: Lyn Greenberg,Ph.D., ABPP,Leslie Drozd,Ph.D.,Jorge Akagi,LCSW,Nikki Clark,Commissioner

    Plenary Four

  • A High Conflict Case – Trauma’s Impact on Memory, Children, Parents, & the Courts

    Presenters: Philip Stahl,Ph.D., ABPP,Rebecca Stahl,JD, LLM

    Workshop Ten

  • Using Psychoanalytic Thinking to Formulate Early Intervention Treatment Strategies for High Conflict Separating and Divorcing Families

    Presenters: Kathy Sinsheimer,MFT,Dana Iscoff,MFT

    Workshop Three

  • The Intersection of Family Law and Child Protective Services: Understanding and Supporting Families When Child Safety is At Play

    Presenters: Dene Carroll,LCSW,Jamie Ott,LCSW,Kathleen Smith,JD

    Workshop Nine

  • Interviewing and Assessing Children in Family Law Matters: Using the Literature

    Presenters: S. Margaret Lee,Ph.D.,Lorie Nachlis,JD, CFLS, AAML,Nancy Olesen,

    Workshop Five

  • Reducing Lethality Risks in “High Conflict” Parenting Cases (DV)

    Presenters: Mark A. Juhas,Judge,Julia Weber,JD, MSW,Lorie Nachlis,JD, CFLS, AAML

    Workshop Eight