• Domestic Violence Institute: Annual Updates for Family Court Judges, Attorneys, and Custody Professionals (DV)

    Presenters: Nancy Lemon,JD, Professor,Mindy Mechanic,Ph.D., Professor,Tara M. Flanagan,Judge

    Institute Two

  • Sexual Abuse in Custody Cases: Cases of Running Out of Rope on a Cliff

    Presenters: Seth Goldstein,JD,Joanne Brown,Commissioner, Retired,Mindy Mitnick,Ed.M., MA

    Institute Three

  • The Expected and Unintended Consequences of Working in Family Law: Coping with Difficult Situations and People While Maintaining One’s Mental Health

    Presenters: Robert Kaufman,Ph.D., ABPP,Frank Davis,Ph.D.,Dianna Gould-Saltman,Judge,Yishai Boyarin,JD

    Plenary One

  • One Size Does Not Fit All: Addressing the De Facto Presumption in Favor of an Equal Timeshare

    Presenters: S. Margaret Lee,Ph.D.,Mark A. Juhas,Judge,Lorie Nachlis,JD, CFLS, AAML

    Plenary Two

  • Behind the Scenes: Unpacking and Understanding the Things that Happen Outside of Court in Order to be an Effective Advocate

    Presenters: Robin Sax,JD, LCSW,Ilene Fletcher,Professional Visitation Monitor,Kendra Thomas,JD, CFLS

    Workshop One

  • Split UP, The Teen Years: Film Screening: Looking Back at Divorce, What Worked and What Could Have Been Better

    Presenters: Ellen Bruno,Producer, Director,Christina McGhee,MSW

    Workshop Two

  • What do Judges Really Want in Child Custody Evaluations?

    Presenters: Tammi Axelson,LMSW,Dianna Gould-Saltman,Judge,Sandra Mayberry,JD, CFLS

    Workshop Three

  • Less is Not Always More: The Importance of a Comprehensive Parenting Evaluation

    Presenters: Philip Stahl,Ph.D., ABPP

    Workshop Four

  • Myths and Misconceptions of Gatekeeping: Limits and Opportunities in Family Law Cases

    Presenters: Michael A. Saini,Ph.D., MSW, RSW, Professor,Leslie Drozd,Ph.D.,Stacey Platt,JD

    Plenary Three

  • Gaslighting in Family Law Cases – What is It, How to Recognize It, and an Intelligent Response (DV)

    Presenters: Susan Rempel,Ph.D.,Michelene Insalaco,JD, CFLS,Monica F. Wiley,Judge

    Workshop Five

  • STOP Intractable Conflict: Early Interventions for Coparents

    Presenters: Matthew Sullivan,Ph.D.,Robin Deutsch,Ph.D., ABPP

    Workshop Six

  • A Practical Guide to Implementing a Strategic Team Approach to High-Conflict Cases

    Presenters: Angela Bissada,Psy.D.,Stan Katz,Ph.D.

    Workshop Seven

  • The Weaponization of Technology in Domestic Violence and Family Law Cases

    Presenters: Steven Bradley,MBA, Law Enforcement (Ret.)

    Workshop Eight

  • Considerations Regarding Child and Parent Neurodiversity in Family Court

    Presenters: Daniel Pickar,Ph.D., ABPP,Michelle Short,Judge,Sonia Dujan,JD

    Plenary Four

  • Can We Still Heal Fractured Relationships Amid Politics and Polarization? Strategies for Effective and Defensible Resist-Refuse Interventions

    Presenters: Lyn Greenberg,Ph.D., ABPP,Marjorie Slabach,Commissioner, Retired,Gitu Bhatia,Psy.D.

    Workshop Nine

  • Underpredicting and Overpredicting Danger in Domestic Violence Family Law Cases (DV)

    Presenters: Nancy Kaser-Boyd,Ph.D., ABAP,Fritzie Galliani,JD

    Workshop Ten

  • Child Sexual Abuse Allegations and the Child Forensic Interview

    Presenters: Susan Napolitano,Ph.D.,Deirdre D'Orazio,Ph.D.

    Workshop Eleven

  • Stop the Madness: Development and Utilization of Early Intervention Measures to Avoid Conflict Following Separation

    Presenters: Mark A. Juhas,Judge,Michael J. Kretzmer,JD, CFLS, AAML,Susan Rempel,Ph.D.

    Workshop Twelve