This spring, we are all operating under a situation of a “new normal.”  This can be especially hard for family law litigants, who often times do not have optimal problem-solving and communication skills.  These parents typically need and rely on detailed agreements and orders to guide them in co-parenting.  When a new, unexpected situation arises, these parents may not be able to work out new plans on their own.

We are appreciative to our Mentor Panel members who stepped forward and very quickly prepared answers to two relevant Covid-19 questions, to help all AFCC-CA members better advise our clients and make the best possible decisions for the children involved.  These short and longer essays are insightful and extremely helpful.  We are making these columns available to both members and non-members as a service to our family law community.

Thank you also to Diane Wasznicky, our 2020 Joseph Drown award recipient, for letting us interview her and for providing personal details about how she came to be a family law attorney, and involved in AFCC.  Her experiences are truly inspiring.

If you find you have extra time on your hands due to furloughs, office closure, or court closure, please consider taking some of those free hours to write an article or essay for Insights!  If you have an idea and would like to discuss, please e-mail me at

We wish good health and sanity to all.

Michelene Insalaco

Michelene Insalaco is a Certified Specialist in Family Law, handling both trials and appeals.  She has special expertise in international custody cases, relocations, domestic violence, and representing minor children in family law cases.  Ms. Insalaco is active in legislation and has written bills in the areas of mediation, premarital agreements, court reporting, and putative spouses.  Ms. Insalaco is presently Chair of the SF Delegation to the CCBA and has also served as Chair of the SF Family Law Section, and been a Member of Flexcom the Board of the ACFLS.  Ms. Insalaco is a frequent presenter of family law programs and has written many family law articles.  Ms. Insalaco also represents minors in Family Law cases and left-behind parents in incoming Hague Convention return and access cases.  Ms. Insalaco has received numerous awards for pro bono work in family law including BASF’s James P. Preovolos Award and an Angel Award from California Lawyer Magazine.