• Intersections of Domestic Violence Law, Psychology and Social Science to Promote Effective Conversations about Addressing and Serving Families in Crisis

    Presenters: Arati Vasan,JD,Nancy Lemon,JD, Professor,Tara M. Flanagan,Judge,Mindy Mechanic,Ph.D., Professor,Shuray Ghorishi,JD

    Institute One

  • Fish Bowl or Safe Harbor? Privacy, Confidentiality & Privilege Issues in Custody Litigation

    Presenters: Robert Simon,Ph.D.,Leslie Ellen Shear,JD, CFLS, CALS, IAFL

    Institute Two

  • Evaluating the High Conflict Family – How to Conceptualize and Write Reports and Recommendations that Post-Evaluation Providers Can Capitalize On

    Presenters: Ellen Mauldin,MFT,Shawn McCall,Psy.D., JD

    Institute Three

  • Relational Healing in the Time of Evidence

    Presenters: Ken Epstein,Ph.D., LCSW

    Plenary One

  • Bias, Prejudice, & Intolerance

    Presenters: Thabiti Mtambuzi,MPA, BA

    Plenary Two

  • Conversation Between Two Cultures: What is Family Law Justice?

    Presenters: Marjorie Slabach,Commissioner, Retired,Abby Abinanti,Chief Judge of the Yurok Tribal Court

    Workshop One

  • The Power of Visuals to Open Minds for Difficult Conversations

    Presenters: Karen A. Rhyne,JD, CFLS,Shawna Schwarz,Judge,Kristina L. Vellucci-Cook,Psy.D., LMFT,Terry McNiff,JD, CFLS

    Workshop Two

  • Custody and Co-Parenting in the Age of the Smartphone

    Presenters: Romy S. Taubman,JD, CFLS,Beverly Wood,Judge,Steven Friedlander,Ph.D.,Nancy A. Nugent,JD

    Workshop Three

  • Helping Kids Cope with Warring Parents: An Animated Online Program Promoting Resiliency

    Presenters: Donald A. Gordon,Ph.D.,John E. Leonard,Ph.D.

    Workshop Four

  • Navigating Sanchez in the Wild West: Diverse Approaches and Applications in the California Family Courts

    Presenters: Michele B. Brown,JD, CFLS,Joni Hiramoto,Judge,Robert Schnider,Judge, Retired,Daniel Pickar,Ph.D., ABPP

    Plenary Three

  • More Than Words: Interpreting the Digital Dialogue of Emoji in Domestic Violence and Custody Disputes

    Presenters: Cari Pines,JD, CFLS,Lawrence P. Riff,Judge,Angela Bissada,Psy.D.

    Workshop Five

  • Risky Business: Challenges and Hazards for Family Law Professionals Working with High-Conflict Families

    Presenters: Daniel Pickar,Ph.D., ABPP,Dana Schneider,LMFT,Shelly Averill,Judge,Jarin Beck,JD

    Workshop Six

  • Difficult Conversations with your Client, your Opposing Counsel, and the Judge About the Estranged or Alienated Child

    Presenters: Michele Bissada,JD, CFLS,Leslie Drozd,Ph.D.,Marjorie Slabach,Commissioner, Retired

    Workshop Seven

  • Working with Diversity: Techniques and Interventions to Motivate and Inspire Collaboration

    Presenters: Maria Young,MA,Matthew Sullivan,Ph.D.

    Workshop Eight

  • Improving Outcomes for Traumatized Family Law Litigants

    Presenters: Deborah Wald,JD, CFLS,Leslie Drozd,Ph.D.,Gena Castro Rodriguez,Psy.D., LMFT,Monica F. Wiley,Judge

    Plenary Four

  • The Role of Family Law Professionals in Preventing Gun Violence

    Presenters: Julia Weber,JD, MSW,Mark A. Juhas,Judge

    Workshop Nine

  • We’re All Complaining About the System, What’s Keeping Us from Changing It?

    Presenters: Lyn Greenberg,Ph.D., ABPP,Kendall Lynn Evans,JD,Robert Schnider,Judge, Retired

    Workshop Ten

  • Bricks, Sticks or Straw: Strengthening Child Custody Evaluation with Best Record Review Practices

    Presenters: Bram Fridhandler,Ph.D.,Jacqueline Singer,Ph.D.,Brandon R. Blevans,JD

    Workshop Eleven

  • Forensic, Investigative, and Clinical Interviewing of Children

    Presenters: Robin Sax,JD, LCSW,Stan Katz,Ph.D.

    Workshop Twelve