• Domestic Violence Institute: Annual Updates for Family Court Judges, Attorneys, and Custody Professionals (DV)

    Presenters: Nancy Lemon,JD, Professor,Joni Hiramoto,Judge,Mindy Mechanic,Ph.D., Professor

    Institute One

  • Domestic, Community, and Gun Violence in 2024: The Role Family Law Professionals Can Play in Reducing Risk and Harm (DV)

    Presenters: Julia Weber,JD, MSW,Sherrill Ellsworth,Judge, Ret.,Alicia Nichols,LSW,Tiffany Garner,MA, MPS

    Institute Two

  • Welcoming the New Normal: Challenging the Myths of High Conflict Cases

    Presenters: Susan C. Rempel,Ph.D.,Andrea Palash,JD, CFLS, AAML Fellow,Diane Wasznicky,JD, CFLS,Angelina Ray,JD

    Institute Three

  • The Decline of Civility, Why It Matters

    Presenters: Dorie Rogers,JD, CFLS,Robert Simon,Ph.D.

    Plenary One

  • Considerations in Child Custody Cases Involving Transgender/Gender Diverse Minors

    Presenters: Diane Ehrensaft,Ph.D.,Stephen Rosenthal,MD,Shannon Minter,JD,Deborah Wald,JD, CFLS

    Plenary Two

  • Family Law Attorneys and Mental Health Professionals: The Need for Interdisciplinary Reconciliation

    Presenters: Paula Lawhon,JD, CFLS,Stacey Shuster,Ph.D.

    Workshop One

  • Emotional Hydration: How to Stay Well During Unwell Times

    Presenters: Janella Street,Psy.D.,Shannon Cooper,Psy.D.

    Workshop Two

  • HEALTHY Divorce (Health, Education and Legal Teams Helping You): Can Courts Expand the Help They Give to Families

    Presenters: Fern Salka,JD, CFLS,Mary Lund,Ph.D.,Jennifer Stara,JD, CFLS

    Workshop Three

  • Really, It’s Not Impossible: Navigating the Process of Becoming a Parenting Plan Evaluator

    Presenters: Ken Perlmutter,Ph.D.,Daniel Pickar,Ph.D., ABPP,Robert Kaufman,Ph.D., ABPP,Rhonda Lindsey,Psy.D.,Frank Davis,Ph.D.

    Workshop Four

  • Coping Abilities Children Need (And How to Ensure They Get Them)

    Presenters: Lyn Greenberg,Ph.D., ABPP,Gregory Gillett,JD, Ed.D.

    Plenary Three

  • A Psychologist, a Lawyer and a Judge Walk into a … : A Candid Discussion About Current Issues in Domestic Violence (DV)

    Presenters: Michael J. Kretzmer,JD, CFLS, AAML,Rebecca Connolly,Judge,Albert R. Gibbs,Ph.D.

    Workshop Five

  • You Say You Want an Evolution: The Changing Face of Family Law in California (and Some Prognostications on Where We’re Headed)

    Presenters: Dianna Gould-Saltman,Judge,Sharon Kalemkiarian,Judge,James Mize,Judge,Monica F. Wiley,Judge

    Workshop Six

  • Inside the Law: Family Interventions for Parent-Child Contact Problems that Build Health and Resilience

    Presenters: Robin Deutsch,Ph.D., ABPP,Matthew Sullivan,Ph.D.

    Workshop Seven

  • Forgiveness. Can You Imagine? Creating Space for Apologies and Understanding to Diffuse Tensions Post Separation and Divorce

    Presenters: John Moran,Ph.D.,Leslie Drozd,Ph.D.,Michael A. Saini,Ph.D., MSW, RSW, Professor

    Workshop Eight

  • Understanding Stepfamilies: What All Family Law Professionals Need to Know

    Presenters: Robert Kaufman,Ph.D., ABPP,Patricia L. Papernow,Ed.D.

    Plenary Four

  • Gaslighting in Family Law Cases – What is It, How to Recognize It, and an Intelligent Response (DV)

    Presenters: Susan C. Rempel,Ph.D.,Michelene Insalaco,JD, CFLS,Monica F. Wiley,Judge

    Workshop Nine

  • Complex Navigation Through Troubled Water – Matching Services to Needs Amid Family and Political Conflict

    Presenters: Lyn Greenberg,Ph.D., ABPP,Ashleylauren Reyes,LMFT,Elizabeth Scully,Judge

    Workshop Ten

  • Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water: Settlement Focused Parenting Plan Evaluations

    Presenters: Robert Simon,Ph.D.,Jacqueline Singer,Ph.D.,Marisa San Filippo,JD, CFLS

    Workshop Eleven

  • How Insight and Powerful Non-Defensive Communication Processes for Conflict Resolution Facilitate Better Outcomes for Families

    Presenters: Carol Hughes,Ph.D., LMFT,Kathy Campbell,JD, CFLS

    Workshop Twelve