• Current Developments in Domestic Violence Law: Cases, Statutes, Threat Assessment/Management and the Psychology Behind it All

    Presenters: Nancy Lemon,JD, Professor,Tara M. Flanagan,Judge,Mindy Mechanic,Ph.D., Professor,Nicol Stolar-Peterson,LCSW, BCD ,Rachael Frost,Detective,Jennifer Gerard,Judge

    Institute One

  • Promoting Quality Evaluations and Care for Families: Problems, Training Needs and Solutions

    Presenters: Lyn Greenberg,Ph.D., ABPP,Kendall Lynn Evans,JD,Robert Schnider,Judge, Retired,Mary Lund,Ph.D.,Bobette Fleishman,JD, MFT

    Institute Two

  • What is Real? Identifying and Intervening with an Encapsulated Delusion

    Presenters: Robin Deutsch,Ph.D., ABPP,Leslie Drozd,Ph.D.,Harvey Silberman,Judge

    Institute Three

  • When Civility Breaks Down in Politics and Relationships: Designing Interest-Based Approaches to Chronic Conflicts

    Presenters: Kenneth Cloke,JD, LLM, Ph.D.

    Plenary One

  • Therapeutic Apologies in the Context of Strained Parent-Child Relationships

    Presenters: Michael A. Saini,Ph.D., MSW, RSW, Professor,Robin Deutsch,Ph.D., ABPP,Leslie Drozd,Ph.D.

    Plenary Two

  • When Children Are Seen But Not Heard: Need for Recognition of Children’s Voices in Custody Determinations

    Presenters: Penny Clemmons,Ph.D., JD, CFLS

    Workshop One

  • Respectful Communication Is the Key

    Presenters: Marcie Kraft,MA, MS, JD

    Workshop Two

  • The Case for Maintaining Collegiality in the Adversarial Arena

    Presenters: Lorie Nachlis,JD, CFLS, AAML,S. Margaret Lee,Ph.D.,Anne Cochran Freeman,JD, CFLS

    Workshop Three

  • Digital Media, Children, and Families: Managing Family Conflict and Parental Disputes Around Technology

    Presenters: Warren Shiell,JD, CFLS,Laura A. Seigle,Judge,Kaveri Subrahmanyam,Ph.D.,Angela Bissada,Psy.D.

    Workshop Four

  • The Opioid Crisis, Substance Abuse and Treatment Alternatives

    Presenters: Alix Nassiri,DO,Michael J. Kretzmer,JD, CFLS, AAML,Fallynn C. Cox,Psy.D.

    Plenary Three

  • Domestic Violence: Drafting and Enforcing Effective Court Orders to Keep Children and Families Safe

    Presenters: Stephanie M. Barnett,JD, CFLS,Reva Goetz,Judge, Retired,Alyce LaViolette,MS, MFT,Ilene Fletcher,Professional Visitation Monitor

    Workshop Five

  • If Therapists Are From Venus and Lawyers From Mars, How Do We Communicate Here on Earth?

    Presenters: Carol Hirshfield,Ph.D.,Karin Manger,LCSW,David Shebby,JD, CFLS,Judith Nesburn,JD, LCSW

    Workshop Six

  • Overcoming Righteous Indignation and Accusatory Suffering: Teaching Co-Parents Respectful Communication and Affect Regulation

    Presenters: Albert R. Gibbs,Ph.D.,Donald A. Gordon,Ph.D.,Merlyn Hernandez,JD, CFLS

    Workshop Seven

  • Using Family Therapy Techniques to Move from Hostility to Civility: Emotional Redirecting, Empathic Confronting and Radical Reframing

    Presenters: Angus M. Strachan,Ph.D.,Stan Katz,Ph.D.

    Workshop Eight

  • The Evolution of Family Law and Parenting Evaluations: Science, Unintended Consequences & Reconsidering Delivery of Services

    Presenters: Robert Kaufman,Ph.D., ABPP,Steven Friedlander,Ph.D.,Marjorie Slabach,Commissioner, Retired,Lorie Nachlis,JD, CFLS, AAML

    Plenary Four

  • Disturbing the Peace in an Electronic Age – Addressing the Burden of Proving “Abuse” Under the DVPA

    Presenters: Cari Pines,JD, CFLS,Hank Goldberg,Judge, Retired,Mary Lund,Ph.D.,James P. Reape,JD

    Workshop Nine

  • Co-Mediation: Interdisciplinary Neutrals When Lack of Civility Prevails

    Presenters: Stacey Shuster,Ph.D.,Michele Heisler,CDFA®, CVA, MBA,Paula Lawhon,JD, CFLS

    Workshop Ten

  • Implicit Bias in the Courtroom: Understanding How Race, Culture and Ethnicity Impact Us

    Presenters: Linda Bortell,Psy.D.,Gitu Bhatia,Psy.D.,Harvey Silberman,Judge

    Workshop Eleven

  • Understanding the (Big!) Challenges of “Blended Family” Relationships: What Works and What Doesn’t

    Presenters: Patricia L. Papernow,Ed.D.

    Workshop Twelve